today’s OBN

July 26, 2006

Chrissy Iley on Sam Neill:

“I’ve always had quite a thing for him, though. He’s so utterly comfortable to be with, yet so edgy at the same time. Sometimes his whole face is expressionless except for one eyebrow that raises like a little whip. He speaks so slowly, sometimes like a tape recorder on half speed. You wonder: is that because he’s so laid back, or because there are so many wheels whirring in his brain?”

Maybe his next remark provides a clue:

“Kissing blokes is deeply unappealing,” he says. “A bit like kissing an alsatian’s arse. Horribly hairy. It gives me a new respect for women.”

It gives me a new way of looking at respect. Without having tried the activity in question I am inclined to think that kissing most women would appear on the face of it to be more appealing. I said ‘most’. Not sure whether many women would agree with Mr Neill, though. At least I understand a bit more about the way my wife looks at our Alsatian.


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