Mass circumcision to be made tourist attraction

July 29, 2006

A Malaysian minister has proposed that mass circumcision ceremonies be staged as cultural events to boost tourism, reports said yesterday.
“By charging tourists a small fee to watch such cultural events, the organisational costs can be covered,” Sabbaruddin Chik, the culture, arts and tourism minister, was quoted as saying by the Sunday Star newspaper.But he had a word of caution for the organisers of such events.
“If a circumcision ceremony is to be held on a particular day, then under no circumstances should it be postponed, even if it rains.
“We should not deny tourists the ceremony especially since they have paid to be a part of the festivity,” he said.
The highpoint of the occasion will be when male tourists are invited to join in. Having seen the enthusasim with which American tourists make a fool of themselves doing local dances, I’m sure many will want to have a holiday they will truly remember. Others might suddenly remember an urgent meeting at the hotel. One thing’s for sure- it’s no good praying for rain.


3 Responses to “Mass circumcision to be made tourist attraction”

  1. janiie Says:

    are you sure about that?

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