A fate worse than death

July 30, 2006

AS John Prescott looks forward to taking charge of the government this week, Tracey Temple, his former diary secretary with whom the deputy prime minister had a two-year affair, has been sidelined to a job in the human resources department at the University of Westminster. What a terrible punishment! Give me exile to a Siberian gulag any day rather than being forced to spend my days in the ‘human resources’ department of PCL. Apparently some commentators, though, were offended by the fact that her main duties involved ” menial tasks like opening envelopes”. Now opening envelopes to my mind is not ‘a menial task’, calling as it does for accuracy, integrity, patience and a certain manual dexterity, none of which were required in the civil service jobs I had. No doubt Ms Temple’s experience of extracting things from bulky object got her the job. Some hacks also criticised the lady for accepting 300k for her story. I can tell you, it would take a hell of a lot more readies than that to persuade me to bonk John Prescott. The other thing that people seemed to have condemned her having sex with Prescott at his grace-and-favour flat in Admiralty House, Whitehall, immediately after an Iraq war memorial service attended by the Queen. That certainly is shocking- anyone meeting or even being within a half mile radius of Her Majesty should be banned from having sex for at least a month. That should cut down on her visitors.


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