PM to face the music

July 30, 2006

TONY BLAIR is under pressure to account for his conduct after it emerged that he singled out Sir Cliff Richard’s campaign to change copyright laws as a priority for reform. (Sir Cliff has given Blair and his family free use of his £3m Barbados villa for the past three years). I think Tony Blair should be called to account for his dubious musical taste. Within earshot of the Number 10 bathroom you can hear a quavering voice intoning
“We’re all going on a summer holiday.
No more working for a week or two.
Fun and laughter on a summer holiday.
No more worries for me and you.
For a week or two. ”
Compare this with the American Secretary of State who decided that the Asean foreign ministers needing some sombre calming music and entertained them with a Brahms piano sonata. Though judging from their musical tastes, which by all accounts are even worse than I imagined, she might as well have played Stockhausen on a Tibetan nose flute.


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