kopi luwak

August 1, 2006

Today I decided to order some of those coffee beans that are extracted from a civet cat’s excreta. I couldn’t help wondering what made the guy who discovered this try it in the first place. Had he tried lots of other animal poop first ? If he had, why did he go on trying? Or was it the very first time? Hmm, out of coffee today, no beer in the fridge, what shall I do? Mmm, this stuff looks interesting… Did he know what it was ? Did he think ‘I expect the enzymes in the animal’s stomach give this coffee an unusual aroma?’ Did he say to himself ‘I guess if I wash it it will have a lower bacteria level than other coffees’ ? When he finished did he say ‘My, the bouquet has a real complexity to it and the aftertaste dissipates quickly with a slight nuttiness to it.’? Or was it just some fruitcake who could have been eating a cow pat for all he knew? Did he then try feeding the civets pizzas or chicken nuggets and try those? Anyway, I can’t wait to try it.


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