military update

August 1, 2006

From the Daily Telegraph:

Soldiers learning to play the bagpipes have been told to limit their practice sessions to only 24 minutes a day, or 15 minutes when indoors. Pipers will also have to wear ear plugs under the new guidelines brought in by health and safety officials. Bill Lark, 85, a Black Watch piper who led his comrades into action against the Japanese in 1944, said : “The pipes should be played loudly. That’s how they inspire soldiers and scare the enemy.”

There might be one or two other things that soldiers get up to that health and safety officials might want to look into. Like going to places where people shoot at you, for example. In my view Britain should scrap all its Tridents and new-fangled weaponry and just rely on the trusted bagpipes. If they don’t frighten the enemy away nothing will. Mind you, that might not work in Iraq as they have some pretty fierce sounding shawms of their own. Should make for an entertaining battle, though. Plus the CD sales would probably pay for the bagpipes several times over.


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