Way to go

August 2, 2006

The Daily Mirror has a comforting article on the ways you are most likely to meet your end (a subject which for me increases in interest by the day). Here is how they stack up:
Heart attack or stroke 1/2.5
Cancer 1/5
Road accident 1/8,000
Accident at work 1/43,500
Train crash 1/500,000
Drowning in the bath 1/685,000
Falling out of bed 1/2,000,000
Falling off a ladder 1/2,300,000
Food poisoning 1/3,000,000
Snake bites 1/3,500,000
Left-handed people using right-handed products 1/4,400,000
Scalded by hot tap water 1/5,000,000
Terrorist attack 1/9,300,000
Radiation from a nearby nuclear power station 1/10,000,000
Lightning 1/10,000,000
Plane crash 1/11,000,000
Falling coconuts 1/250,000,000
Fairground accident 1/300,000,000
Shark attack 1/300,000,000
My recipe for a long life: eat plenty of carrots, bathe in shark-infested waters but stay away from coconuts


One Response to “Way to go”

  1. Jules Says:

    I had food poisoning that I almost died from 2 weeks ago. I should buy a lottery ticket with them odd. 🙂

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