some other poems I’ve come across recently

August 5, 2006

more of the so-called poetry of Tom Lee

Heads and tails

why does love
turn to hate
why do two and two
make eight?

why does laughter
turn to tears
and hopes
into fears?

what makes a kiss
go amiss
and why does trust
so easily go bust

why does white
turn to black
and affection
morph into attack

why do cheers
turn into wails
and heads
become tails?

why does today
become yesterday
so quickly?
we perceive the two ends
but not where they join
we pay heed to each face
but not to the coin
why do we replace
an embrace
with a shoulder
that’s colder
than the morning frost
why do we see the price tag but never the cost?
why do we hold on to what has been lost?
Matthew Mark Luke and John

Matthew is autisitic
He wets his bed at night
God’s in his heaven
So the world’s alright

Mark abuses children
When he’s feeling bored
But he goes to church on Sundays
Praise be the Lord

Luke won the lotto
he drank it all away
God gives the jackpots
So let us all pray

John’s a country farmer
he slaughters pigs for fun
Hallowed be His name
And let His will be done

Talk to me
talk to me of love
and I will show you a mirror
talk to me of freedom and democracy
and I will show you a dollar bill
tell me about god
and i’ll say ‘listen to the thunder’
tell me about death
and i’ll say ‘now we’re talking’.

Lines written on parting from a lover after a tortuous, tempestuous and often troubled love built on crumbling trust and passion fruit, cross purposes and avocadoes, crisp chilled Sauvignon and recriminations, tagliatelli and tears, suspicion and laughter which we had foolishly prolonged beyond the point of ‘why don’t you love me like you used to’ to the stage of ‘ you never really loved me did you’

She left
me bereft


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