quotes of the week

August 6, 2006

“We are a European global powerhouse dedicated to excellence, constantly challenging the status quo to deliver superior solutions to our demanding clients.That’s why to us A Passion to Perform is far more than just a claim – it is the way we do business” Deutsche Bank website.

“I’ll never date a pensioner again” Heather MacCartney (that’s not a nice thing to say, Heather. We might not all be stinking rich but some of us have our feelings, you know).

“Another victim, Anthea Major, 55, from Fulwood, Preston, said: “He is a menace to society. I wouldn’t jail him, I would have him breaking rocks. He came across as a polished professional, well-educated, articulate with a good sense of humour. My advice to any woman is if they look like John Prescott, leave them well alone.” (something doesn’t quite fit here, otherwise sound advice, ladies!)

Found in a journalist’s blog:
“My husband and I once tried to work out, purely commercially, what a particular wife was worth — she and her highly paid husband were old friends and she was by agreement a stay-at-home mother. We tried to figure out what her various services — housekeeping, administrative, catering, childcare, sexual, social and other — were worth as tactfully as possible, but the depressing truth was that he could easily have replaced her with nannies and caterers and a part-time PA, not to mention high-class sex workers, for a great deal less than the cash it cost him to support her as things were.” Now there’s food for thought as I do the ironing, cook the dinner and wonder when the missus is going to be up for it again.


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