a shocking tale

August 8, 2006

“A babysitter who put a 14-month-old girl in a tumble drier was yesterday jailed for eight months. Samuel Barnes-Siddall, 21, admitted causing the toddler bodily harm in Perth, Australia, while caring for her when her mum was at a gym. Magistrate Richard Bayly said Barnes-Siddall acted out of stupidity, not malice.” I find this totally shocking. Eight months in jail just for being stupid? And what about the manufacturers of the tumble drier, did they specify it was not to be used for storing infants? I’ve checked all the instructions for such appliances I can find and nowhere is there even a mention of 14-month infants. And then the ‘mum’, off to the gym eh? So what’s this, not enough exercise at home with nappies to change, tumble driers to manage, no doubt a few dishes to wash, isn’t this exercise enough!?

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