Breakfast at the Blairs 2

August 9, 2006

Mrs B (skips in singing ‘I’m going on a summer holiday’ by her favourite singer, Cliff Richard) Ready! Come on, darling we mustn’t miss our plane.

Mr B. (with mouth full of toast) …..postpone…….Condi…

Mrs B (incandescant) What? Why didn’t you tell me?

Mr B ..thought … probably read about it in the papers …..

Mrs B You promised!

Mr B I know, but George thinks ….

Mrs B Oh that’s it is it? It’s George this and George that, when will you learn to stand on your own two feet? (tirade continues for approx 3 hours)

Mr B yes darling, i know darling. (thinks maybe an immediate cease-fire is not such a bad idea after all)


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