Girl freed in sex trade shock

August 12, 2006

Police raided a house in Neasden yesterday to rescue a young woman held in a sordid sex trade case. Olga, 47, tells her own sad story. “I met this nice young man in a bar in Vladibostok who promised me a job as a prostitute in London where I would make lots of money and meet interesting people. When I arrived it turned out that he had enrolled me in a sociology course at Neasden College of Technology. I was forced to go before a panel of men who humiliated me by asking questions like who did I prefer Marx or Hegel and what did I think of Post Modernism, Relativism and Structuration. After that I was forced to attend lectures and do course work for 16 hours a day. i was allowed one day off a week. Because of my timetable I was forced to eat in the student canteen which served only spaghetti carbonara or macaroni a la grecque. After a few weeks I was broken – too ashamed and worn down by studies to go home and resigned to a life of studying and being forced to work for a teacher. I was cowed into submission by threats of extra projects and what they euphemistically called ‘field work’. I was promised that after I graduated I would be found a ‘job’ but I would have to pay off my loans before I would be allowed to receive my earnings.” Thanks to the intervention of our reporter, Olga is now happily ensconced in a flat in Bayswater servicing the needs of politicians, bishops, senior policeemen, judges and peers of the realm. Another success in the fight against people traffickers!


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