sex attacker avoids jail by writing a letter

August 12, 2006

‘A Judge caused outrage yesterday by allowing a sex attacker to avoid jail on the condition that he write a letter of apology to his victim. Judge Jeremy Roberts said that Prashant Modi, 33, a millionaire’s son who had led a “sheltered life” in India, had been faced with a confusing situation after three attractive young women fell asleep in his hotel bedroom this year.’ The judge described Modi as ‘unfamiliar with Western culture despite regular trips to Britain and four years spent as a student in the United States’ and said ‘by Western standards … Mr Modi is unsophisticated.” The defence argued that, faced with a situation he had never come across before, Mr Modi was simply unable to know how to behave. Which, of course, explains why he had removed the victim’s jeans and knickers and was lying on top of her half-naked. No doubt Mr Modi, described by the defence as ‘always the gentleman’ was worried the young lady might be cold and was using the natural method of body heat to prevent her discomfort. Fortunately, or unfortunately, for Modi one of the victim’s friends woke up and started screaming during the attack.

We are lucky enough to have been given a copy of the young gentleman’s letter:

Dear Miss

I wish to apolergise most profewsely for trying to screw behaving inerpropriertly the other night. I deeply regret that that loudmouth had to wake up and I am trewly sorry that I did not finish shagging you stay out of your knickers. Next tiem I will no better.

your faithfully

(Judge- will this do?)


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