Breakfast at the Blairs 5

August 13, 2006

Mr and Mrs B are enjoying fried eggs (sunny side up) on the good ship ‘Good Vibrations’ somewhere near the Bermuda Triangle. The yacht’s calypso band are singing the famous Cliff Richard Ballad ‘A Misunderstood Man’:

“His origins, his way of life
His motives – they’re all news
No shortage of detractors
To air their noisy views
The man inspires a thousand lies……”

Meanwhile the detectives, their snorkels rising majestically out of the water, circle the boat to make sure there are no underwater News of the World reporters.

Mrs B. I see they’ve sacked David Beckham.
Mr B Well, he was past his sell-by date wasn’t he. The man was nothing but a liability, with him in charge you could be sure the country was going nowhere. They should have got rid of him ages ago. He’s been shit for the last few years but no one dared tell him to go.
Mrs B That’s strange, that’s just what the papers are saying about you, darling.


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