ladies’ underwear and the fight against terror

August 13, 2006

Don’t know how I missed this from the Daily Mirror July 21:

“An anti-terror cop has been arrested for allegedly filming up women’s skirts with a hidden camera…The married anti-terrorist officer told police he was working undercover to video al-Qaeda suspects. But back at the station they found his camera had close-ups of bottoms and knickers….The officer was arrested on suspicion of causing a public nuisance.”

I am outraged by this news. What business has PC Plod got to interfere in delicate anti-terrorist operations? Who is to say there are not hundreds of al-Qaeda sympathisers, including young women, out there wearing knickers embellished with the image of Osama bin Laden or with explosive devices dangling from their Marks and Spencer’s underwear? Instead of saluting such devoted officers as heroes, we charge them with being a ‘public nuisance’! What has the world come to!


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