Muslims not to be treated as ‘patsies’

August 15, 2006

‘Muslim MPs will warn John Prescott today that they will not be treated as “patsies” to defend unpopular foreign policies in Iraq and Lebanon… Inayat Bunglawala, spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain, who attended a session on extremism, said: “We accepted on our side there are issues with extremism. However, we need better to understand how it is otherwise ordinary young minds are becoming radicalised.” ‘
Not being familiar with English slang around the world, I looked up ‘patsy’ in the dictionary and found this:

“The term is widely regarded as an ethnic slur, being a term of abuse for recent migrants from rural Ireland, among whom nickname Patsy (for Patrick) was relatively common.” Muslim community making “ethnic slurs”? Surely not! Why, also, I wonder, do the British Muslims choose to use American slang- is there a broad hint there?

Alternatively, they might have been showing their familiarity with British culture and meant ‘pasties’ as in Cornish pasties, presumably on the basis that they didn’t want to be heated up and swallowed along with a pint of Tetley’s.

By the way, I admire the use of the phrase “there are issues with extremism”, a nice way of putting it and showing that the community already has a good command of Blairspeak.


One Response to “Muslims not to be treated as ‘patsies’”

  1. britgirl Says:

    Made me laugh. Brilliant!

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