Breakfast at the Blairs 6

August 20, 2006

From the street outside there is the sound of a soca band giving an upbeat rendering of the Cliff Richards classic ‘ A voice in the wilderness’.

Mrs B (casting her eye over the morning papers) oh dear,

hostilities broken out again…. flagrant violation of cease fire….. renewed attacks …. retaliation.. oh dear oh dear

Mr B (with mouth full of finest Sainsbury’s sausage specially flown in in an RAF Hercules) Well, what do you expect with Hizbollah?

Mrs B Actually, darling, this is the Guardian article on the splits in the Labour party.

Mr. B Pass me the ketchup would you love

Mrs B And someone has called George a ‘crap President who can’t even wear a Stetson straight’

Mr B Some other so-called liberal humanitarian hack, no doubt

Mrs B No, darling, actually it was your Deputy Prime Minister….. Never mind, darling, the boy will wipe it up.


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