Muslim community leaders outraged

August 21, 2006

Muslim leaders have roundly condemned the action of holidaymakers in refusing to board a plane with two Arab gentlemen. Mr Ahmed Abdullah Ali Wanka said ‘it is outrageous to pick on Muslims simply because they happen to dress differently, like wearing jackets packed with explosives, or appear to be speaking to each other in Arabic and merely suggesting death to all infidels. It’s just racist prejudice.” Mr Ibrahim Trafiq Wahden added “Wearing a coat in summer doesn’t make someone a terrorist. It’s absolutely disgraceful. It’s simply rule of the mob. Those people should be taken outside and (inaudible)”


One Response to “Muslim community leaders outraged”

  1. britgirl Says:

    Priceless!! Had to share with my sig other, he said it reminded him of a Monty Python sketch…still laughing.

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