It’s safe to leave the door unlocked, says Met chief

August 22, 2006

LONDON is returning to an era of neighbourliness and low crime in which people are happy to leave their front doors open, according to the country’s most senior policeman. Sir Ian Blair’s view was supported by the North London Villains’ Association, whose spokesperson commented “Our members were finding that the increased use of alarms, barbed wire fences and high security locks made gaining entry increasingly difficult and sometimes in fact dangerous. Only last week one of our members put his screwdriver through his thumb while attempting to force open a dangerously locked door. We would also like to urge householders to leave their valuables in easily visible position near the door as rummaging through a whole house can be both time-consuming and unhygienic. Oh,and with things like jewelry where our members can’t always be expected to know the real value, it would help if owners could leave the price tags on. Also, instruction booklets for videos and things, you wouldn’t believe the time it takes to get these things to work without the manual.” Sir Ian Blair welcomed these suggestions as ‘a real step forward to community partnership in the fight against the fear of crime.’


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