obituary: the 6th Lord Deramore

August 24, 2006

Best known, apparently, for writing erotic novels in his later years. When he was 85 he published a ‘mystery that featured a heady mixture of sex and class: “Afterwards as they lay together, Peter caressed her slender flank and murmured ‘you’re like a lovely sinuous kitten.’ Sheila ran her fingers through his black hair and ached with love for him. ‘Your dinner party was a tremendous success,’ he said… “. (there’s a seductive line for you if ever there was one). Asked why he had written such a novel at his age, he replied: “I’m old, so there’s not a lot else I can do.”‘ Shame on you, sir- at this ripe old age you should have grown out of such pathetic obsessions with slender flanks. Leave that to youngsters who don’t know better, I say.


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