words I dislike

August 24, 2006

Plenty of them- here are two to start with.

Arguably, as in ‘This afternoon I attended a news conference by President Bush and Tony Blair — arguably the two most powerful people in the world.’ So, are they or aren’t they? If you’re saying so just for the sake of argument what’s the point- you can argue anything if you want to, as Mr Blair has shown so convincingly. Anyone who uses it makes me think that they haven’t got the courage of their convictions but they want to sound smart all the same.

Take care, used when saying goodbye. Why should I have to take care all the time? ‘Have fun’, yes but I don’t want to spend all my time ‘taking care’, looking nervously around every corner in case there’s a mad rhinoceros charging for me or afraid to go out of the house in case I’m hit by a meteorite. And then if I do have an accident, they’ll all be saying ‘well we told you to be careful. didn’t we?’ People who go around ‘taking care’ never do anything worthwhile and just try and make life miserable for others. Patronising gits. So there!


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