chickens come home to roost

August 25, 2006

“MOST first-time buyers expect parents to help them get on the property ladder, a study showed. Two-thirds think parents will raid their savings, while nearly one in 10 expect them to remortgage their own home. In return, one in 10 said they would let mum and dad move in in old age.” Personally, I can’t think of a worse way of ending my days than being forced to move in with my children and surrounded by their offspring as well. One of the best things about Thai culture (which is where I live) is that children are expected to support their parents. I pointed this out to my own progeny but this eminently sensible practice failed to meet with their approval. The other thing about Thailand is that any memeber of a family with money is expected to help out the less fortunate members. So this way I end up getting the worst of both worlds.

Apparently the man responsible for this gloomy survey added: “Many first-time buyers need a significant leg-up from parents.”  I have to admit that ‘leg-ups’, significant or otherwise, are not my favourite type of exercise. I prefer the word to be associated with a different prepositional particle.

(Time to re-read the excellent poem by Roger McGough I posted earlier).


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