Cultural diversity

August 25, 2006

According to Ms Kelly, “Immigration has helped enrich our cultural life, with the capital’s diversity now commonly acknowledged to be one of its key attractions. A weekend spent at the Notting Hill Carnival or exploring Brick Lane are (sic!) attracting tourists and residents alike.” Taking Ms Kelly’s thesis forward (and, I hope, avoiding her grammatical infelicities) I offer my list of things we should encourage in our ethnic communities and those we should not.


sweet and sour pork, lion dancing, Leicester Square

triads and snakeheads, rats in the chop suey, cockle pickers


banging steel drums, sprinting

curried goat, Yardies and spliffs


spin bowlers

dodgy vindaloos


tom yam kung

getting caught providing extra massage services

East European

pickles, Polish beer and post-modernist painters

all this people trafficking stuff


fast bowlers, chicken tikka

blowing up planes, making nasty remarks about infidels, doing unpleasant things to their women



see under Pakistani
Middle Easterners

kebabs, er, that’s about it

kebabs; see also under Pakistani


2 Responses to “Cultural diversity”

  1. britgirl Says:

    Hey, some might like curried goat! I don’t. But some might. What about jerk chicken??

  2. tomeemayeepa Says:

    Good point. It’s obviously more complicated than I thought, this multicultural sutff.

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