some howlers from the EFL class

August 26, 2006

Howlers collected 40 years ago when I taught English to some unfortunate foreigners

The disadvantages of living in London.
There are many disadvantages in leaving in London. London is a very big city and one of the biggest on the world. And with that there are connected many difficulties in london. Fancy the traffic in London. For rush hours there are many cars pressing along the streets, thousands of people dashing pavements and streetwalkers everywhere. And that is not all anyhow. Can you imagine these squeezing hours in the underworld of London? Struggling people pushing each other in the passages and on the excavators of the underworld. Horrible seeing!
Mr Duros (Czech)

Mrs White’s flat started firing. Edwards was rescued by the fireman’s ladder which had arrived just when he had the idea of jumping out of the window.
Mori (Japanese)

The groceries cames out of the shop and asked to Mary what happened. The groceries wanted to helpl her.
Perez (Spain)

A festival in my country is in New Year’s Eve. Most of them get a pretty in the night of 31st December. The pretty has all the night until tomorrow morning and everyone enjoy their pretty very much.
The national custom in Thailand is called ‘wai’. It is very famous in Thailand. The people use ‘wai’ instead of ‘God morning’ or Godbye’. Wai is use two hands together and bend the face.
Miss Unahabhoka (Thailand)

I would have married too if I had found a girl who fitted me.

Her doesn’t husband cooks the dinner.

She took the carpenter to the window to be repaired.

You can read in your daily paper how young people make trouble, take drung, wear long hair and ridiculous cloths.

These consequences were to see as holes which let the rain drop on a happy English face which was looking forward to sit near the fire, relaxing and getting warm again.

The new town is very good for businessmen as there are many public conveniences.

Ramadan is a good month for the Moslem. They are not eat anything from sunshine to sunset. After the last day in Ramadan they enjoy their stomachs with anything on the table.

First of all, take the onions and feel them.

There is a thumb in my bedroom.

The Professor engrossed in his book he couldn’t see a large cow wat was walking across it. He thought he had bumped into a big woman and very apologise take his hat in his hand and he said to the false woman ‘I’m very awfully , Madam’.

The fire engine sped to the fireplace.

He took off his hat and bowled to the lady,

In the typical English home there are curtains on the window and mating on the floor.

He started his walk through a field where a large cow was dozing reading a book and carrying an umbrella.
The husband angrily said to his wife’ Dear, you are no cooker’.

A holiday bicycle has crashed in Wigmore Street.

Where did you lose your umbrella? I lost it in the tub.

What job do you want? I want to be a shop kipper or a house kipper.

I lost my hearth in a lady’s eyes. He could hear his hearth striking.

Must I keep supper for you? Don’t bother, I’ll have a snake on the office.

Dear Sir, My friend and I wish to become one member of your centre.

The world birth rates are rising everyday. There is only one solution: they must be cut off.

Last of all in the questionnaire you must see the sex of the person.

He buried his head in his pillar.


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  1. rsheffer Says:

    Again I laughed out loud.
    try these equally gut-ripping

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