Ministers improve their emotional intelligence

August 28, 2006

‘PATRICIA HEWITT and other cabinet ministers are receiving “life coaching” at taxpayers’ expense to help them cope with the pressures of government. Chartered psychologists are each being paid an estimated £250 per hour to act as mentors…The coach is expected to provide a “helping hand” as “part collaborator, part adviser, part expert, part confessor”. Ministers and mandarins are shown how to improve their “emotional intelligence” and encouraged to “download” their problems.’ The Sunday Times

In addition I can report that an unnamed minister is given special coaching in English grammar and how to keep one’s trousers buttoned up. All Ministers are given coaching in ‘words to use’ and every day are given a word to use as much as possible. The word today? Progressive!


4 Responses to “Ministers improve their emotional intelligence”

  1. britgirl Says:

    Goodbye consultants – hello Coaches!! Methinks the Ministers and Mandarins are rather beyond help. But they probably know that already…

  2. Tony Wall Says:

    What was that definition of a consultant? Something like ‘someone who knows less about your job than you do and gets more for telling you how to do it wrong than you do for doing it right’. I’m waiting for someone to give us a definition of a ‘life consultant’.

  3. Britgirl Says:

    Or someone who borrows your watch to tell you the time and gets paid lots and lots of money for doing so.

  4. jeanclaude Says:

    That’s a good one, too. A life coach is someone who borrows your watch then tells you that you don’t need one ‘cos it’s the sign of an unhealthy lifestyle.

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