oldies strike back

August 28, 2006

Fed up with our television screens being occupied by cocky youngsters- newsreaders in their thirties, twenty-something weather forecasters- all talking nonstop and pretending to know what they’re talking about, I would like to suggest a special channel for oldies.  I envisage newscasts going something like this:
“So over to Hamish McOldgit in the news studio  ‘Goodness me, is that the time already? Doesn’t it just fly? Now, where did I put my glasses, ah here we are. Well, I can’t say there’s much news today, not like in the old days, we had plenty then- coups, revolutions, cup finals, there was something every day, never a dull moment then. Anyway, must get on with it . The President of the USA, President … you wouldn’t believe it, but , I’ve only gone and forgotten his name again, it’ll come back to me in a minute, anyway, what was I saying, oh yes, President what’s his name, I’m sure I’ll remember it in a minute made a speech in which he said… now that’s a funny thing, the editor told me what he said and I’ve gone and forgotten that, too, can’t have been that important , can it? Anyway, let’s move on, shall we, no time for messing around. Here we are, the President of the United States made a speech, what’s that, speak up will you, I can’t hear you, you mean I already said that, oh all right then, we’ll talk about something else….'”
I am convinced this sort of style would be more popular with the over 60’s who are probably discouraged from watching a lot of today’s youth-oriented programmes.


One Response to “oldies strike back”

  1. Rodintheforest Says:

    this is unnecessarily offensive. I’m fed up with these cheap swipes at the elderly.

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