Round-up of other news

August 31, 2006

“Councillors in Bristol have become so fed-up with the growing noise and mess caused by their city’s dive-bombing seagull population that they are giving up biscuits and spending the money tackling the problem. Bristol City Council is hoping to save £25,000 from its annual budget by sacrificing the snacks from all of its meetings and hearings.” It is reported that Mr Prescott’s office has also offered to give up biscuits. The money saved will be used to fund four new hospitals and equip British troops in Afghanistan.

The wages of spin. Spending on spin trebles under Blair. Labour has built up an army of more than 3,200 press officers, costing the taxpayer £322 million each year. …The Central Office of Information defended the increased spending, saying that Labour was “a radical and reforming Government” and that it had a duty to explain its policies, decisions and actions and to inform members of the public about their rights and liabilities.” So that’s alright isn’t it? No spin needed there.

“Citizens of York are being asked to sign a treaty promising never to shoot Scots with a bow and arrow. Under an ancient by-law, which has never been repealed, York people can “legally” shoot Scotsmen with a bow and arrow within the city walls.” An excellent by-law, if I might say so. I can imagine nothing more amusing than shooting arrows at Scotsmen. Beats fox-hunting and grouse shooting any day.


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