We don’t all wear burqas

September 1, 2006

Oh dear, now Mr Blair’s policies have now come under attack from a new and deadly source- Miss England, no less. Ms Hammasa Kohistani, who hails from Afghanistan via Uzbekistan , is reported to have said. “There is this hostility which comes mainly from the government” and which helped stir up animosity towards Islam and Muslims. Our old friend Inayat Bunglawala put his oar in too, maintaining that her thoughts “echoed a widespread view amongst Muslims.”  hammasa_pg1.jpg     Ms Hammasa Kohistani

Now Ms Kohstani, who has an A level in English literature, is studying A-Level politics, sociology, and media studies. and also speaks Farsi, Russian and Dari, is obviously no airhead so Mr Blair would do well to heed her words. Especially, as along with Osama bin Laden’s niece, I can’t think of any better advertisement for Muslim tot womanhood       osama-niece1.jpgMs Wafah Dufour

(this post was obviously a blatant pretext to post these two pictures thus laying itself simultaneously open to charges of both sexism and racism).


One Response to “We don’t all wear burqas”

  1. a Says:

    who are you anyway, beatch?

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