Breakfast at the Blairs 10

September 1, 2006

A dark cloud hangs over the Blair household this morning, but Mr B, following the example of his Monthy Python heroes, tries to look on the bright side.

Mr B. Come on, darling, finish up the Golden Nuggets, we mustn’t miss the train.

Mrs B. Do we have to go?

Mr B Darling, we;ve been through all that

Mrs. B That bitch is bound to start up on fox-hunting again and Charles will drone on about modified foods and the other two will look down their noses at me just because I didn’t curtsy..

Mr B But we have to go, pet, it’s my duty

Mrs B Well you go on your bloody own then, I’m fed up with being woken up every morning by flaming bagpipes… Anyway, I haven’t got anything to wear.

Mr B. You could always wear that rather fetching trouser suit you wore last time.

Mrs B. (unprintable….) And it’s freezing cold and as for those curtains…

Mr. B. But castles and all that.. can be romantic eh love (nudging Mrs B rather painfully in the ribs).. you remember … Leo ….

Mrs. B. Well don’t think you’re starting that again. It’s a horrible place and every time you go out all you meet is grumpy old Scotsmen going on about the cost of living. At least in Downing Street …….

Mr B. What was that?

Mrs B. Oh, nothing, nothing.

a snap from the family photo album (thanks to the Telegraph for reprinting this)



One Response to “Breakfast at the Blairs 10”

  1. crazymac Says:

    Hilarious! I love the whole series- but you might not be able to continue it for much longer, methinks.

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