wrong kind of sun

September 2, 2006

The headline Bright sun delays train reminds us that anything British Rail could do the private sector can do better. “Delayed rush hour commuters were told their trains had been held up because the sun was too bright. A spokesman for c2c said: “Depending on which way the sun is shining and how bright it is, very occasionally it can provide a glare on the mirror which some drivers can’t see past.” Yeah and sometimes when it’s cloudy or drizzling or there’s a wind blowing other drivers have difficulty focussing, too.


One Response to “wrong kind of sun”

  1. britgirl Says:

    And I suppose the sun visor would be the wrong type too lol. Good old British Rail (aren’t they all franchised now though?) I used to travel to work on Connex South Central into London Bridge and Victoria.

    In Winter, trains were delayed because it was the wrong type of snow.

    In Autumn, it was leaves on the line – the wrong type of leaves of course.

    So,for summer, it absolutely follows we now have the wrong type of sun. That’s a pretty inventive stretch though, even for BR.
    We’re missing Spring. For Spring, I think it’ll be the wrong type of flooding.

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