Breakfast at the Blairs 11

September 6, 2006

Mr B sits glumly thumbing through an atlas, nibbling at his toast which is already cold . Mrs B wafts in, an ill-fitting dressing gown revealing generous stretches of Barbadian tan.
Mrs B Where are you going today, darling?
Mr B Off to Ramallah, actually.
Mrs B Why don’t you try Debenham’s they’ve got some very nice things there.
Mr B No, Ramallah, it’s on the West Bank.
Mrs B Well Debenham’s is in the West End, too.
Mr B No, the West Bank, darling, in Palestine. It’s near Galilee, where Jesus walked on water.
Mrs B Well, I hope you’re not going to try anything silly like that.
Mr B No, of course I wouldn’t compare myself to Jesus. .. but he was betrayed, too, you know.
Mrs B Well take your scarf in case it gets cold.
Mr B I don’t think I’ll be needing a scarf in the Middle East.
Mrs B The Middle East? You said you were going to the West Bank. The Middle East! Isn’t that where there’s all that fighting, people sniping at each other everywhere?
Mr B (grimly) Not half as many as in Westminster, I can tell you. Now.. Tenerife, Palm Beach, Porto Rotondo, where is this bloody place…….?


4 Responses to “Breakfast at the Blairs 11”

  1. Tony Says:

    I suppose TB could always stay out in Israel.Perhaps it’s more peaceful than ‘ere. There’s no extradition treaty Israel/Uk Extradition treaty. After all, Dame Shirley may have a house available!

  2. tomeemayeepa Says:

    Good idea. He’ll need all the friends he can get, though, as I gather even Israelis are not too keen on talking to him.

  3. crazymac Says:

    LOL. This series is the funniest thing I’ve read for a long while.

  4. tomeemayeepa Says:

    Funny? They’re not meant to be funny.

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