How Blair will go

September 6, 2006

Following the account in yesterday’s Daily Mirror, we are privileged to be able to reveal some of the suggestions that didn’t quite make it to the final list:

* the Pope to make an immediate prehumous canonization

* Nobel prizes for peace, literature and medicine

* England football captaincy

* demonstrating how to catch stingrays

* a triumphal tour of the major planets of the solar system (excluding Pluto, but with a speech from Uranus)

* tea with the only voter in Britain who thinks there were WMD’s, the intelligence picture was authoratitive and the invasion of Iraq has reduced the threat of terrorism

* an honorary doctorate from Lasalle University Mandeville, Louisiana.

Meanwhile, Master Cameron’s attempt to solve the Indian population was not universally welcomed in Bombay. I think the High Commission needs to be careful lest needy Indians start pushing their relatives in front of the official cars.


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