September 6, 2006

“ARMY chiefs in Israel have been ordered to stop talking of “crushing” or “wiping out” enemies in Lebanon and Palestine. Generals were also advised to avoid the words “cleansing” or “levelling”, fearing they could lead to charges of war crimes.” As my contribution to peace in the Middle East, I have sent the Israeli Minister of Defence a small glossary of words to use and not to use. For example, I suggest Generals use the phrase ‘attain objectives’ instead of the above inflammatory vocabulary. Here are some other terms I would discourage along with my suggested alternative:
fire at (respond), to attack, launch an offensive (defend oneself against, clash with), eliminate, kill, liquidate, open fire on, destroy (deal with), an attack or raid (operation). I’m sure if the Generals would just molllify their language a little all sides will realise what nice people they are really.


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