“welcome aboard, we will be watching your every movement…”

September 12, 2006

Exciting news of the latest anti-terrorist measures to be introduced into aircraft.
“Researchers in Britain and Europe are looking at technology that would see a comprehensive network of microphones and cameras installed throughout the aircraft… which would be linked to a computer. ‘It would pick passengers who are behaving oddly or in an unruly manner. They may appear nervous, or could be getting up while the plane is taxiing. If someone looks as if they are praying, the microphones would be able to tell if they were by picking up key words.’ Last year I was sat next to a nun who was biting her fingernails- so she wouldn’t stand a chance for sure. “Eventually, the computer would be programmed to understand a variety of languages.” Well, they really have thought of everything these boffins. Foreign languages too, eh?
“‘There are likely to be cameras and microphones in the toilet, because that is where terrorists go to assemble bombs. The camera could also be trained to detect seemingly harmless items being left in aircraft lavatories that could later be assembled to make a lethal device.”‘

This is not a site where lavatory humour is encouraged so I will make no comment on this. However, in general terms, I welcome these measures with open arms. There’s nothing I dislike more than being stuck next to some old bore on a 14-hour flight going on about his holiday or how hard it is to sell fish fingers to the Japanese. A quick reminder that every word will be recorded should shut him up. Should cut down on the queues to the lavs as well. Brilliant.


6 Responses to ““welcome aboard, we will be watching your every movement…””

  1. wikipedia Says:

    Personally, I have no idea why people would not understand how to do this.

  2. work Says:

    Personally, I am so glad to have found such an easy system that I can work
    at home effortlessly.
    I have been working at home for over 21 years, and finally this vehicle has
    come along and has changed my life for the better! It’s about time.
    …and I don’t have to Speak-2-no-1 …ever

  3. Music Master Says:

    Personally, I thought this music was the best. My forum has been packed with new age comments. Sort of cool!!

  4. Great information and truly appreciated. I look forward to more posts.
    Sincerely, A S in Anaheim, CA

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