Serbian sex therapy

September 16, 2006

Courtesy of Annanova. “A Serbian man needed emergency surgery after he had sex with a hedgehog on a witchdoctor’s advice. Zoran Nikolovic, 35, from Belgrade, says the witchdoctor told him it would cure his premature ejaculation. But he ended up in an operating theatre after the hedgehog’s needles left his penis severely lacerated. A hospital spokesman said: “The animal was apparently unhurt and the patient came off much worse from the encounter. We have managed to repair the damage to his penis.'” I’m more concerned about the condition of the animal after what must have been a traumatic experience. Has counselling been made available?

We don’t have hedgehogs in Thailand but we do have porcupines and, after witnessing the efforts of a male porcupine to mate without being speared in the process, I vowed that this was something, along with golf, ballroom dancing and sky-diving, that I would not attempt. Still, I would love to read the rest of this witchdoctor’s sex therapy manual.


One Response to “Serbian sex therapy”

  1. Luhz Wannen Says:

    What a news, a tragedy and what a naive Serbian!

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