Breakfast at the Blairs 13

September 17, 2006

Mrs B enters wearing a chiffon kung-fu outfit she bought on ebay as Mr B picks up the morning paper and has a fit of uncontrollable laughter.

Mrs B What’s up, darling? Has Mr P made another of his speeches?

Mr B Nnnnno, it’s… (pause while Mr B chokes on a cornflake and is revived by six Protection officers who were enjoying a game of ‘Shoot ’em up’ in the adjoining room).  It’s …. (tears streaming down his care-worn face) did you really belt that little oik who thumbed his nose at you in Glasgow?

Mrs B No, I certainly did not, if anyone says that, I’ll sue them.

Mr B Well you should have done. He deserved a good hiding, the snotty little Scottish bugger.

Mrs B I just, well, you know, took a vague swipe at him.

Mr B Good for you, poppet. Now if you need any more practice, we’ve got a Cabinet meeting this morning…


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