NEWS ALERT: Army coup in Thailand

September 20, 2006

Surrounded by tanks
Went for a stroll in my village this morning. I got mud splashed on me by a passing moped but I was not surrounded by tanks. It’s truly surreal- everyone is behaving exactly as normal. There was a little huddle of dogs, though, looking decidedly apprehensive. They clammed up when I asked them what was going on.
Heavily-armed soldiers
The streets were deserted. The fact that it was 5.30 am and pouring with rain may have had something to do with it. No heavily-armed soldiers stopped me as I strolled to the temple but several saffron-robed monks passed me on their way to receive alms. They were walking quite quickly in what you might call an alms race.
‘Fled in panic’
The overnight rain has brought the frogs out, They are everywhere, croaking and squeaking in the rice fields that border my house. I approached one but as soon as I got near it fled in panic.
reports of shooting and bloodshed, many casualties
I walked past the bloodstained corpses of some unfortunate frogs that had been run over trying to cross the road. One fierce-looking dog started barking at me and I shot it a quick glance to make sure its intentions were not murderous. Everything was eerily quiet, even the village cocks seemed unusually subdued.

One of my cats slunk softly up a tree where some red-whiskered bulbuls were preening themselves, causing the little group to break up in turmoil.
Food stocks low
I walked back to my house and remembered that I must go to the supermarket today as I had finished off the muesli yesterday.
The BBC is appealing for those caught up in the coup to email their experiences so I must get this off to them right away.


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