great news for oldies!

September 21, 2006

A 95-YEAR-old pensioner caught with a prostitute has been dubbed Britain’s oldest kerb crawler.
Officers saw the widower pull up at the roadside and invite a young woman into his car late at night. They tailed the car in Bournemouth, Dorset, until he stopped in a secluded car park where the pair were nabbed “as they were getting down to sexual activity”. The man wasn’t charged because of his age and was let off with a caution.” Caution? He should have been given a bottle of champagne and a medal from the Queen.


“MING Campbell hit back at jibes about his age yesterday and insisted he was not too old to head a political party. As he prepared his first address as leader to the Lib-Dem conference Sir Menzies, 65, said: “It’s very unfair. “It’s convenient for commentators who want to drive me out to hit me with the age thing. But that ain’t going to happen – I’m going nowhere.”  I’m afraid that might be true for his party, too. If only he’d stop going on about Frozen Monkeys I might consider voting for him.

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