more on the Thai coup

September 21, 2006

Well, since Tuesday night, I have been living under martial law. I’m mightily relieved- when I first read it I thought it said ‘marital’ law. I’m not allowed to go to any political meetings or distribute information critical of the coup on the internet. I can’t send text messages to television stations. And I mustn’t get together with more than four other people, though quite how this restriction would be applied is not clear. You cosseted people in the west, you just don’t realise the hardships we have to suffer. I have one critical opinion of the coup leaders- they seem to have got their uniforms from the ‘Reduced to clear’ bin of the local Army Surplus store. I expect to see the tanks arriving any minute and I will be hauled off to face summary execution, a martyr to freedom of speech and sartorial elegance.


Troops guard Government House
The military coup has interrupted filming of Nicolas Cage’s new movie, Bangkok Dangerous, the gangster thriller being shot in Bangkok, according to a foreign news report. The film crew decided the city wasn’t dangerous enough.

Rumours, however, abound and I was warned yesterday by a Thai friend not to go anywhere. As said friend lives in mortal fear of caterpillars I take this with a large dose of sodium chloride. I think I will take an example form the Bournemouth pensioner- and proceed with caution.


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