shocking news: politician caught telling the truth

September 21, 2006

A few problems for the Hungarian Prime Minister after he was caught telling the truth about his government’s poor record; a few more problems for Tony Blair, whose popularity has sunk to an all-time low because the public believe he lied to them. Makes you feel quite sorry for politicians- they just can’t win can they? Actually, the terrible truth that Mr Gyurcsany admitted was that he had been telling lies. So how do we know he wasn’t lying when he said he had lied. Maybe he hadn’t lied at all; but then that would be a lie so… I think I need to call a Jesuit priest to sort this one out. Now I see that this unpronouncably named Hungarian actually said “We lied morning, noon and night,”  That leaves the whole afternoon- I can’t believe a politician could go a whole afternoon without lying so I think we may have caught you in another fib there, Mr Gyurcsany. Then, in remarks of astonishing arrogance the Prime Minister went on “we have screwed up. Not a little but a lot. No country in Europe has screwed up as much as we have.” Other European leaders were quick to condemn the remarks. Dominique de Villepin said “if you think you are dans la merde, mon ami…..’ while Tony Blair  claimed that ‘Britain has a proud tradition of screwing up which my government has maintained to the highest European standards. Indeed, we have a Minister for it and John is doing a great job.’ Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero joined in the condemnation at a press conference in Madrid: “Cojones!  When it comes to meter la pata en la mierda, yo estoy el campeón de Europa”. Only Angela Merkel failed to condemn Mr Gyurcsany:” What means ‘screw out’ bitte? zusammenknüllen ? ich verstehe nicht …. “


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