some judges like it hot

September 22, 2006

A shocking tale of the abysmal moral depths to which public servants have sunk in this morning’s Times. “An immigration judge told a blackmail trial at the Old Bailey today how he started an affair with his Brazilian cleaner who was working in Britain illegally. The woman threatened to send two stolen videos of the judge, identified only by the initial I, having intimate relations with two other women, to his superiors when he asked her to move out of his flat, the court heard. …The woman was first introduced to I by his former lover, another judge, know as J. The two judges were colleagues at the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal When J sacked the cleaner, I thought it “prudent” to end Ms Driza’s employment with him as well. But later judge and cleaner became lovers and she moved into his flat – later refusing to leave, the court was told.” The court was shown an email written by the judge: “Darling you will probably get this tomorrow after we have spent an evening in passionate kisses. I was right about wanting to go with you when I first saw you. You must admit you were a bit cool. You are real chilli hot stuff. I love you very much.” I find it appalling that our judges are now spicing their food up with chillis and, no doubt, abominations like Tabasco sauce as well. What’s wrong with steak and kidney pie, your Honour! Once people stray from salt and pepper into more exotic spices there’s no telling where it will end. No wonder culinary standards in Britain are still ridiculed by Monsieur Chirac and his compatriots..


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