aftermath of the coup

September 25, 2006

“An overwhelming 97.6% of Bangkok residents want the next prime minister to be honest and dedicated to moral integrity, an Abac opinion survey has found.” A similar proportion would also like the moon to be made of tom yam kung.

“Questioned on how they felt witnessing the concentration of troops stationed to keep the peace in Bangkok after the coup, 92.1% said they believed soldiers were dependable.Also 89.1% said the presence of soldiers made them feel safe and secure.” The poll was carried out by the Royal Thai Air Force, naturally a totally impartial body.

P.S. I wonder why last night when Jon Stewart was just starting an item on “regime change” the programme was suddenly interrupted by a message warning us of broadcasting difficulties due to ‘sun outage.’

Meanwhile, I see that ‘More than 100 protesters denounced the military overthrow of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra as undemocratic, in the first anti-coup rally since the premier was deposed.’ The protest was held in front of an upmarket shopping centre which had to close for one hour while the protest was taking place. There were no arrests, in fact there don’t seem to have been any police there at all, unlike the the protest which I led in 1962 in Toulouse, the first CND march to be held in France which was attended by me, a friend and 250 CRS. So 100 people outside a shopping centre for an hour doesn’t score too high on the Richter scale of civil disturbances. The foreign journalists are having a hard time getting anything sensational out of this one, though I liked the joke quoted in the Mirror: the tanks occupied the streets at night as it was the only time they could get through the Bangkok traffic..


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