police intelligence

September 25, 2006

An interesting article in the Times spotted by Mr Eugenides and picked up by Longrider.
“POLICE have agreed to consult a panel of Muslim leaders before mounting counter-terrorist raids or arrests. Members of the panel will offer their assessment of whether information police have on a suspect is too flimsy and will also consider the consequences on community relations of a raid. Muslim groups have welcomed the move, which is understood to be backed by Sir Ian Blair, the Metropolitan police commissioner.” “This will allow independent scrutiny of intelligence,” as one prominent Muslim put it.
Surprisingly, this news does not seem to have been universally welcomed, some commentators even going so far as to suggest there might be a possibility of bias.. My only complaint is that it doesn’t go far enough. I urge Sir Ian to consult prominent villains before any raids are carried out on suspected burglars. At the very least they should be given a few hours to rectify any issues regarding misplaced property in their homes. And why not murder suspects, too, though the police will have to allow a reasonable amount of  time since, as anybody knows, shifting a dead body is a different kettle of fish. Some people might think we’d be opening a can of worms but at least it would allow police to get back to their more important work of nabbing 95 year old kerb crawlers.


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