what she really said

September 26, 2006

Journalists and bloggers had a field day when the wife of Tony Blair was, supposedly, caught saying ‘it’s a lie’ during Gordon Brown’s speech. Supporters of Mrs Blair who happened to be nearer than 2 metres when the incident took place were quick to come to her defence by explaining what she actually said. Here are some recollections of her actual words:
– ‘that’s saliva” referring to a jelly-like substance that was dripping down Gordon Brown’s chin
– ‘that’s alive’ in relation either to a live mic she had spotted or an elderly party supporter who had been rendered comatose by Mr Brown’s oratory
– ‘that’s a line!’ admiringly, at one of Mr Brown’s happier turns of phrase
– ‘that’s alight’ when she spotted flames coming from Mr Brown’s jacket
– ‘that’s a lie detector’, a joke about the espresso machine
– ‘that’s Eliza’, after spotting Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller setting up a microphone
– that’s a libel’, referring to what she knew the Blomberg people would write about her
It was also suggested Mrs Blair was just humming the words to the popular rap artist L.L. COOL J’s song ‘You lied about the lies that you lied about’
I think a more likely exaplanation is that Mrs Blair actually said ‘Gordon’s a lyre’, referring to the ancient Greek musical instrument which, according to Wikipedia, was associated with Apollonian virtues of moderation and equilibrium, in contrast to the Dionysian pipes which represented ecstasy and celebration.

I hope this clears up that little episode.


3 Responses to “what she really said”

  1. britgirl Says:

    Well, I think she should for the offensive slur with immendiate effect unless she wants to see serious wepercussions…

  2. crazymac Says:

    You mean apologise? For what? Saying it or thinking it?

  3. britgirl Says:

    Well I think she should apologise for the offensive slur with immediate effect unless she wants to see serious wepercussions.

    “For what? Saying it or thinking it?”
    Does it matter?

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