assorted geekery

September 27, 2006

Off to the (blog-free) Burmese border today for a couple of days or so to see if our junta needs a hand against theirs. That done, hope to photograph moths, record birds and mouth harps, and practice my Lahu with toothless grandmothers, who are the only people with the patience to hold a conversation with me. I should be grateful if world leaders thinking of invading another country, potential rioters, would-be assassins and embryonic terrorists would just hold fire while I’m away.
In the meantime I have recently discovered Bloglines (about 6 months after everybody else) and I think it’s amazing to able to see what’s going on in all your favourite blogs at one go.
Finally, a note of thanks to all those who have found this blog via a search engine, in particular those who searched for ‘snails farting’, ‘my dog wets his bed at night’. ‘iambic pentameter about cucumbers’. ‘massage sex hornsey road london thai’. ‘how to steal watches’ and ‘televisions for sale at tesco’s’. I hope you weren’t too disappointed. No apologies at all to those who entered the most popular search term in recent weeks (‘sex with porcupines’). Is that what blogging does to you?


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