Breakfast at the Blairs 14

October 1, 2006

Mrs B enters humming the theme to ‘the Young Ones’ and shakes herself a combination of ‘Scooby Doo Berry Bones’ and ‘Honey Smacks’.
Mr B (mouth full of toast and Vintage Marmalade) You seem in a good mood today. Nothing to do with Conference finishing, I suppose.
Mrs B Actually I’ve just been watching David Cameron’s webcam. It’s really rather good, shows him like an ordinary guy, doing the washing up and all that. Why don’t you get one, darling?
Mr B If you think I’m going to start doing the washing up….
Mrs B No, it doesn’t have to be that. You could do your Celtic supporter impersonation or sing Cliff”s ‘Just don’t say goodbye’….
Mr B Hmm. That’s an idea…. Next time you’re down at Tesco’s see if you can pick up one of these webbed cameron things.
Master B How’s the webcam going then?
Mrs B Not too well. First he tried to plug it into the microwave, then he asked whether there was a timetable for the Serial Bus, finally he took the thing back to the shop as he said there wasn’t anything to click on it to take the picture. Still, he did offer to do the washing up….


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