Cameron’s clean politics

October 1, 2006

Back from my trip to the Burmese border region where I single-handedly fought off attacks from cicadas and stick insects (normally placid creatures which I provoked by trying to photograph them), I discover that in my absence Master Cameron has launched “webcameron” in which he seems to trying to demonstrate that an ability to do the washing up is enough to qualify someone to run the country. Personally, I think an ability to avoid doing any washing up a much more useful qualification. Furthermore, I notice that Master David spends the whole time rabbiting on about conferences and things and does not get a single plate washed. Not only that, he is obviously unable to keep control over his own young children, let alone his party, and fobs off their reasonable requests with vague promises. Which just goes to show that you can take the man out of Parliament but you can’t take Parliament etc. He’ll have to do better than this to get my vote.


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