technology update

October 1, 2006

Thanks to the excellent Blood and Treasure blog for the link to two ingenious devices: the wall mounted terror-ometer and a suspicious looking device on the Junkfunnel website.
The terror-ometer “predicts the upcoming impact of terrorism on our lives. This quantity is displayed on an easy-to-read needle meter packaged in an attractive, wall-hung device…..It contains an Internet enabled microcontroller that parses frequently updated world news feeds. It is designed to be truly plug-and-play, providing instant readouts after being connected to any DHCP capable network.”

The suspicious-looking device doesn’t do anything: it just looks suspicious.


I will definitely put the second one on my Christmas list. meanwhile, I am working with aviation experts on a roof-mounted hamsterometer.


2 Responses to “technology update”

  1. mrskin Says:

    Funny, the thing looks like a geiger counter.

  2. tomeemayeepa Says:

    Only just noticed your comments were caught by Akismet. Despammed them all now.

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