Pope to free babies from limbo

October 4, 2006

This week a 30-strong Vatican international commission of theologians have concluded that all children who die do so in the expectation of “the universal salvation of God” and the “mediation of Christ”, whether baptised or not. (including, I wonder, those who have had one of Tony Blair’s ASBO’s slapped on them prenatally?). In this respect, the Pope will be bringing Catholic doctrine into line with Islam in, as the Telegraph puts it, “a gesture calculated to help to win the souls of millions of babies in the developing world for Christ.” The Pope, who has apparently always been against “limbus infantium”, was recorded as saying before his election: “Personally, I would let it drop, since it has always been only a theological hypothesis.” Defenders of limbus infantium are, however, not likely to let it die without a fight. One Fr. Brian W. Harrison, O.S writes ” Limbo for unbaptized infants was indeed a theological “hypothesis”; but the only approved alternate hypothesis was not Heaven, but very mild hellfire as well as exclusion from the beatific vision! In short, while Limbo as distinct from very mild hellfire was a ‘hypothetical’ destiny for unbaptized infants, their eternal exclusion from Heaven was traditional Catholic doctrine, not a mere hypothesis.” Well it’s nice to know that they only had ‘very mild hellfire’ in mind. As the Telegraph also puts it, the state of “limbus patrum” (where those who lived a “good life” but died before the time of Jesus go) is itself in limbo. This sounds as if it could be quite a jolly place, with Plato and Aristotle and other ancient luminaries discussing more important things , I imagine, than limbo. The Pope has yet to pronounce, I understand, on limbo dancing but I expect some eminent theologians will be appointed to look into it pretty soon.


5 Responses to “Pope to free babies from limbo”

  1. paul Says:

    Benedict XVI is Elijah

  2. SilverTiger Says:

    If theology is continually revised (and it is) then, logically, we can have no faith is present theology as it too may well be revised at some future date and therefore, to believe it now is to believe an untruth.

    I wouldn’t say this proves theology to be bosh but only because I’m polite 😉


  3. >> limobo dancing >>

    I love it. 😀

  4. Well, of course I meant “limbo.” My fingers aren’t working well this morning.

  5. tomeemayeepa Says:

    Yes, ‘bosh’ is a little strong. Perhaps ‘codswallop’would be more accurate.
    Elijah? Wasn’t he the guy who ordered the prophets of Baal to be put to death?

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