offensive weapons

October 5, 2006

Anything, as SilverTiger observed in a comment, can be regarded as a weapon. Two recent clipings from the Pattaya Mail illustrate this:

“Transvestite badly beaten with toilet seat
Chotimoni Kongsri, a 22-year old “woman of the second category” from Surin, was badly beaten by his ex-lover, who used a toilet seat as a weapon. ”

“Twenty-eight year old Jirapong Khaengkhan was arrested last week for breaking into the Soi Bongkot home of Mrs. Wanida Rungruang. The burglar had, apparently threatened Mrs. Wanida with ‘two blunt instruments’. At the time police caught him, Jirapong was carrying a black bag. Upon searching the bag, police found what they described as two ‘artificial male sex organs.'”

Three other weapons related stories from the same source:

– ‘Amazing Bangkok airport
A departing tourist had his suitcase searched after the x-ray machine noticed a hunting knife lurking in the luggage. The offending weapon was taken out and dispatched to a second machine which was meant to bind it neatly in a series of layers of strong adhesive tape. Only trouble was the machine spun out of control and refused to let go of a very sticky and untidy package. The tourist was asked, “Have you got a knife to cut this?”’

– ‘A Rayong man has been arrested after trying to hold up a department store without a weapon. He used a thumb and finger to simulate a gun, but failed to keep his hand in his pocket and was easily overpowered by six security guards. His lawyer pleaded in court that the mistake would probably not have occurred if his client had used a knife.’

‘Lethal weapon thwarted
A local tree feller has been sentenced to three years in prison after holding eleven people to ransom in Rayong. He charged into a hotel lobby, wielding a huge electric chain saw, and demanded money and valuables from the security deposit boxes. He was immediately pinned to the floor by security staff who noticed he had forgotten to plug his machine into the mains.’

Nothing if not ingenious, these Thais.


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